Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Israel Shipyards Industries Ltd. (the ‘Company’) respects the privacy of the users in the website it operates. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to outline in general the manner that the Company acts in connection with information, as defined in the Protection of Privacy Law 5741-1981 (the ‘Protection of Privacy Law’) that is collected about you or about third-parties whose information you provided. 

This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use that are available in the Website of the Company, as stated in the following link: (hereinafter respectively: the ‘Terms of Use’ and the ‘Website’). Terms that are not defined in the Privacy Policy shall have the meaning assigned thereto in the Terms of Use. The jurisdiction and the governing law that apply to this Privacy Policy are as stated in the Terms of Use. 

The Company shall be entitled to amend from time to time the Privacy Policy and therefore we recommend to check periodically whether this policy was amended. Any updates or changes in this policy shall enter into force effective immediately and a notice in respect whereof will be sent by email or notice of such changes will be displayed in the Website.


A. General 

  1. By using the Website, users can contact the Company or perform different actions, including by the contact page in the Website (the ‘Services’). 

  2. For the purpose of using part of the Services in a convenient and efficient manner, you might be required to provide to the Company different types of information about you. You may provide this information to the Company by the Website or directly to the representatives on behalf of the Company. This information will include the following, inter alia: 


  • Your full name; 

  • The name of the company in which you are employed or in the name of which you contact the company; 

  • Telephone number; 

  • Your email; 

  • The content of your query that might include personal information about you


(The particulars as stated above collectively: the ‘Information’)


The Information that will be provided to the Company might be verified with relation to Information about you that the Company already holds, or by similar Information that was provided to the Company or any other similar Information that is held by any third-party, and that will be provided to the Company in accordance with the law. 

  1. It is emphasized that the Company assigns paramount importance to the protection of your privacy, and endeavors to the best of its ability to protect properly the Information that it received. 

  2. The Privacy Policy also applies to the personally identifiable Information that you provided and to Information that was collected about you while using the Website. 

  3. The Company shall not be held liable for any use of the Information about you by third-parties, including external websites that appear in the Website and that are not under the control of the Company. In the event of doubt, you are required to check the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the said third-party or external website. 

  4. The user declares that he is aware that he is not under any legal obligation to provide his Information and that the said Information is provided out of his own free will and with his consent. 

The user hereby agrees expressly that the Information will be stored in the databases of the Company and agrees to the said use of the particulars that the user provided and the user confirms that the use of such Information as said shall not be deemed as invasion of privacy and shall not entitle the user to any relief or compensation. 

  1. Users who object to the use of their Information, and who are interested in removing themselves from the database of the Company or who request not to receive queries by way of direct mailing services, are require to notify in writing about the same in the internet website of the Company or by the unsubscribe notice that will be attached to each email, and in such circumstances the Company will act according to the instruction given to it.

  2. Subject to obtaining your express approval, the Company may use the Information for marketing purposes, including: for the purpose of sending marketing or advertising materials in any medium as permitted in accordance with the law, including electronic mail.


B. Purpose of collecting the Information 


  1. The provision of the Information constitutes your consent that your particulars and any data that will be produced based on an analysis of such particulars that reached or that will reach the Company will be held in one or more database of the Company or anyone acting on its behalf, to the extent required in accordance with the law, and that this information will be used according to the following objectives: 


  • For the purpose of providing you a service; 

  • For marketing purposes, advertising and keeping contact with the user, including by way of direct mailing, in any medium that the Company deems fit; 

  • For the purpose of performing anonymous statistical analysis of the Information and its delivery to third-parties. 


C. Disclosing the Information about you to third-parties 

  1. The Company will not sell or lease or communicate the Information about you, in whole or in part, to any third-party, without obtaining your express approval in connection therewith, however only in accordance with the provisions of section 3. 

  2. The Company shall be entitled to disclose the Information about you, in whole or in part, to third-parties, subject to the fulfillment of one of the following conditions:

  • The disclosure of the Information or a part thereof to third-parties that take part or that are involved in the Services that the Company provides to its customers is required for the purpose of performing the Services. It should be emphasized, unless otherwise stated, that these entities may not use this Information beyond the purpose for which the Company provides such Information; 

  • The Company will provide the Information if necessary or as required in accordance with the law or as part of legal proceedings;

  • In the event the Company finds that your actions in the Services are in violation of the Terms of Use or are performed for the purpose of committing any type of fraud; 

  • In the event the Company organizes its activities within the framework of another entity, including a merger with any other entity or a merger of operations. In such circumstances as said, the Company will assure that the third-party with which the Company was merged will agree to act in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Privacy Policy. 

Users will have no claim or demand against the Company in connection with the provision of their Information as said and users hereby waive any claim or argument as said. 


D. Statistical Information 

  1. Except for the Information that you will provide, we request to clarify that statistical information is collected about you during the time that you use the Website Services, and the said Information accumulates and does not identify you in person, and is not saved together with your Information, such as Services in which you were interested, the pages that you viewed and more. The Information that is collected will be saved in the database of the Company and will be used in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Privacy Policy, in accordance with the Terms of Use and in accordance with the provisions set forth in any law. 

  2. The entire Information received from your device is documented automatically by the Company in its servers, including your IP address, and documentation of all pages you used. By agreeing to this Privacy Policy as stated in this document you agree to the performance of such documentation as said. 


E. Database 

  1. The data that was collected about you will be stored in the database of the Company (the ‘Database’) and will be under the responsibility of the Company in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law and the regulations promulgated thereunder. 

  2. Any person shall be entitled to inspect the Information about him that is kept in the Database. A person who inspected the Information and found that the Information was incorrect, deficient or outdated, may contact the holder of the Database and request to amend the Information or delete it. Such a query should be referred to the Company in the following email:



  1. A “COOKIE” is a small text file that is transmitted to your device by an internet server. This file does not constitute a computer software and is unable to read the information contained in it, or perform any action with respect to such information. Cookies are used so that the servers of the Company will be able to identify you quickly and efficiently when you repeat and use any of the Services and when you visit other websites.

  2. By agreeing to these Terms of Use you permit the Company to install COOKIES in your device, use the data stored in the COOKIES and identify you according to this data. 

  3. By using COOKIES the Company may, at its discretion, publish information about the Company in the different websites that you will use (hereinafter: ‘Third-Party Providers’). During the time you use such websites information about you might be collected and the Company may use such information in the manner as stated above. 


The Company shall not be held liable for the operation of the websites of third-parties or the content offered therein. Therefore, it is recommended to inspect the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy documents of each of the websites of the Third-Party Providers.

        1. In the event you prefer to block COOKIES files during your use of an internet website, you may request to change the settings of the browser that you use in the manner requested by that website, and the website will request your approval specifically each time or, alternatively, reject such settings completely. In the event you do not know how to perform such an action, you may check the procedure in the ‘help’ tab of the browser that you use. Please note that in the event you shut down the cookie files – this might affect the Services and other data about your preferences and your internet usage habits, and will affect the activity (including the availability) of the Website.