Israeli shipyards

Israel Shipyards Ltd. was established in 1959 as a Government-owned shipyard with the aim of preserving and strengthening Israel’s naval force, through the planning and construction of military and civil vessels.

In 1995, the company was privatized but continued to operate in strategic cooperation with the Israeli Navy in the development and supply of new missile ships, which replaced part of the existing Navy fleet. Israel Shipyards is considered one of the leading shipyards in the world and has a great reputation. The company’s ships are exported to many customers around the world and so far over 100 vessels of various types have been built and delivered in Israel and in many countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and America.
In addition to the maritime field, the company is also engaged in the production and construction of large and complex steel constructions for power plants, desalination facilities, high-pressure piping, port cranes and infrastructure for seaport airports and more. The premises of the company cover an area of ​​330,000 square meters.

Some of its products in the military field have become a worldwide success, such as the patrol ship “Shaldag”, which was built in cooperation with the Israeli Navy and has since been refined and sold, in various versions, to many armies and police forces around the world; The “Saar” missile ship, which is used by the Israeli Navy with great success, and the OPV patrol ships that have been sold to many countries for the purposes of securing territorial waters, economic waters and strategic infrastructure facilities. The construction of a new missile ship, the “Reshef” model – which is intended to replace the existing “Saar 4.5” ships of the Israeli Navy, and which will be the shipyard’s flagship product, is currently being completed.

In the civilian field, the shipyard has successfully produced cargo ships of various sizes, in addition to a variety of custom-mad boats and service ships, tugs, fire and rescue and barges.

A ship of Israeli shipyards
A ship of Israeli shipyards
A ship of Israeli shipyards