Investor Relations


The Israel Shipyards Industries Group was founded in 1959 with the establishment of the Israel Shipyards Company.
The group operates in three main areas through subsidiaries: the maritime industry (shipyards), the port (loading and unloading cargo) and the cement sector. In addition, the Group provides logistics and support services for the offshore gas and petrol drilling operations, as well as cargo shipping worldwide.
The activity in the field of maritime industry is concentrated under Israel Shipyards Ltd., which deals with the design, construction, marketing and sale of military and civilian vessels, providing shipping services using the most advanced technologies in the world, as well as maintenance and repair services for civilian and military vessels, from Israel and abroad.
The group’s port activity is carried out through the Israel Shipyards Port Ltd., which established the first private port in the State of Israel in 2007 in Haifa, and has since successfully provided loading, unloading, sorting, storage, transportation and delivery of various cargo.
Ciment I .S S Ltd., which imports, manufactures, markets and sells cement and products for the construction industry, coordinates the group’s cement and products activities, and is considered the largest importer of cement in Israel.
The controlling shareholders in the group are Mr. Shlomi Fogel, Mr. Samy Katsav, the Shmelzer family and the Gold Bond Group. The Israel Shipyards Industries Group employs about 450 workers. In September 2020, Israel Shipyards Industries Ltd. offered some of its shares to the public through the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange at a company value of NIS 1.7 billion.
The group’s board of directors consists of first-rate businessmen in the State of Israel, with extensive experience in managing and improving large companies. The experienced directors are dedicated to help the success of the group, as are all members of senior management.


For over 60 years Israel Shipyards Group has been an active member in different aspects of industry and security in Israel, and specifically in relation to marine activities.
The group’s activities are divided into three main areas, and are carried out through dedicated companies: the maritime sector (shipyard for building and repairing vessels and performing complex infrastructure work), the port (loading and unloading of cargo) and the cement sector.
In addition, the Group provides logistics and support services for the offshore gas and petrol drilling operations, as well as cargo shipping worldwide. The group’s companies have engraved on their banner principles of excellence and a constant pursuit to continue to lead the field in which they operate, all without compromising on compliance with the latest and most stringent quality and service standards.
The Group’s employees are committed to invest their efforts in preserving and strengthening the industry and supporting Israeli infrastructure, and specifically industry and infrastructure relating to marine operations, investing in innovation and aspire to create new growth-engines in such fields.

In addition, the group is aware of global trends and devotes significant resources to continue to be at the forefront of technological advancement, in each of the group’s areas of activity.
The group’s leading strategy is to focus on areas where the group’s advantage and its unique infrastructure can be exploited, in order to produce extra, unique and innovative added value.
The group has set itself the goal of developing in the field of security, by launching new and sophisticated vessels and offering unique services to customers around the world.
The company also invests in the development of the port and logistics sector and utilizes the company’s infrastructure to create new growth engines, such as establishing a railway extension in Israeli shipyards, establishing a silo terminal for nuclear and nuclear products, purchasing ports in Israel and abroad and establishing other factories.

Our vision is based on three core values:


The desire to study the future needs of the industry and the marine services industries, and to develop the ability to translate them into efficient, unique and high-quality products, is a key pillar of our corporate culture, and this is embedded in all levels of the group companies.


Provide customized products and services to our customers and help them fulfill their mission at any point in time they choose.


We work together around the world and around the clock, to meet the needs of our customers and meet the goals we have set for ourselves.