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Ciment I.S Ltd. is one of the leading cement suppliers in Israel and the largest importer in the industry. The company began operations in 2016 at the background of the Israeli government’s decision to open the cement market to competition, after decades of monopolistic control of the industry. The story of the establishment of Cement is not only a commercial success story but mainly a symbol of the necessity of free competition.

Ciment independently and fully controls the entire supply chain of cement and other building materials to its customers. From the import phase of cement directly from the largest manufacturer in the world, through its transportation and unloading at the company’s cement terminal in the port of Israel Shipyards, its storage and adaptation to customer requirements, to its final distribution to the destination. The company’s cement meets environmental standards and is defined as cement with low carbon dioxide emissions, without detracting from the quality of performance and work comfort.

The company owns a fleet of 4 of the most advanced cement ships in the world with a total capacity of approximately over 45,000 tons, a fleet of trucks for transporting cement throughout the country and an advanced and sophisticated cement terminal at Israel Shipyards Port. The unloading rate of the company’s ships at the cement terminal is about 500 to 600 tons of cement per hour, compared to the usual unloading rate of cement ships in Israel which is about
100 to 150 tons per hour.

Ciment’s automatic system unloads the cement without human contact and with zero depreciation directly from the ship’s belly to its storage in dedicated silos. At the same time, Ciment also owns an automatic cement packaging plant, which helps maintain the efficiency of the supply chain.

Contribution to the Israeli economy

The establishment of Cement led to a real revolution in the cement industry in Israel. As a result, cement and concrete prices fell by tens of percent. Lowering cement and concrete prices has contributed to cost reductions in the housing and infrastructure industries and has also helped local government and government ministries save costs for the benefit of the public coffers.

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