For over 60 years Israel Shipyards Group has been an active member in different fields of industry and security in Israel, and specifically in relation to marine activities. The Group’s activity is divided into three main sectors and is performed by designated companies: the maritime sector (including a shipyard for building and repairing vessels and for performing complex infrastructure work), the port sector (loading and discharging of cargo) and the cement and products for the construction industry sector. In addition, the Group provides logistics and support services for the offshore gas and petrol drilling operations, as well as cargo shipping worldwide. The member companies of the Group have always stressed the importance of excellency and are constantly striving to continue and be the leaders in their receptive fields of operation, all without compromising on the strictest standards of service, quality and safety. The Group’s employees are committed to invest their efforts in preserving and strengthening the industry and supporting Israeli infrastructure, and specifically industry and infrastructure relating to marine operations, investing in innovation and aspire to create new growth-engines in such fields.
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The Group’s Companies – Strategic Infrastructure at the Foreshore

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Israel Shipyards Ltd.

The company deals in designing, constructing, marketing and selling of military and merchant vessels, providing docking services using the most advanced technologies in the world, as well as maintenance and repair services for merchant and military vessels –Israeli and foreign. The company’s patrol and attack vessels operate in many countries, assisting security forces in five continents in protecting our clients’ maritime borders. . Israel Shipyards also provides logistics services to gas and petrol exploration and production companies, including providing logistics offshore services, storage services, equipment manufacturing, transportation services and various maintenance work.

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Ciment I.S Ltd.

Ciment I.S Ltd. deals in importing, processing, storage, transportation, marketing and sale of cement and its products; and is considered the largest importer of cement in Israel. The company owns four efficient, top of the line, cement ships, used in transportation of cement from the exporting countries to the company’s site in Israel.

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Israeli shipyards port

Israel Shipyards Port

As of 2007, the company operates the first privatized port in Israel, located in Haifa Bay. Since it first commenced operations, the port has successfully provided port services such as loading, discharge, sorting, storage, transportation, and delivery of various types of cargo; as our first priority is the client, we take pride in our client oriented, tailor-made and creative logistics services and solutions.

Cargo Ship Companies

The Company owns eight cargo ships, with a capacity of about 5,000-8,000 tons each, which are used for transporting cargo in bulk. In addition, in February 2021, the company purchased additional cargo ship, with a capacity of 37,500 tons. The ship is expected to be delivered by June 2021.

Cargo ships

Each and every company within the Group is determined and dedicated to continuing being the leader in its field, while meeting the most current quality and service standards. We are all committed to continue to make every effort in preserving and strengthening Israel’s naval force and creating new growth engines in security and trading ports fields.